Our Dream

We weren’t looking for each other. Yet, here we are.

Our story starts at Table 6 in a strip mall noodle joint in Madison Heights, Michigan. If all goes as planned, it ends well into the future in a hammock on the ocean beach. We are two Detroit-based foodies on a mission to explore cuisine from around the world while still enjoying our simple roots. This is the story of our passion for food and adventure.


Peanut Butter + Bacon: It’s unconventional but it works well together. Just like us… 


Peanut Butter + Bacon isn’t your typical blog. At least once a week, we will be highlighting some of our favorite local dishes and new foodie finds in Michigan and beyond. This includes:

“Dish Battle Royales”

Watch/read about your favorite dishes duking it out to see which one satisfies our taste buds! We crown a champion until another dish claims the crown for itself.


“Cookbook Shokugekis”

We will be battling EACH OTHER with tweaked cookbook recipes to see who’s version of the dish reigns supreme!


“Best Of”

Highlights and lists of some of our favorites spots and dishes in and beyond Michigan.


“Chef Highlights”

Highlights of some local chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, and other awesome folk in the food industry, and their upcoming projects.


Most importantly, we are looking for reader/viewer participation! We want requests, suggestions, and even guest judges for all of our categories (especially when we have our cook-offs). Feel free to suggest what we should do next, or even volunteer to join us in our food adventures.

Eventually, and if successful, we are looking to eventually incorporate vlogging to our website, with possible Twitch cook-offs and general food adventuring. The sky is the limit for us, and we really can’t wait to see how our first major project together turns out!