Sales Engineer by day,

Anthony Bourdain by night.

Food is my passion,

Bourbon is my vice.

Detroit is the city I call home…


Originally conceptualized as FrontoftheHaus in early 2018, Ryan’s food blogging dream was made reality when he met Caroline over this past winter (and found out she knew how to code). Ryan’s passion for food extends well beyond chef’s tables and award winning restaurants. On any given day, you will commonly find him slurping noodles from his favorite strip mall phó or ramen spots in Madison Heights. Born and raised in Warren, Michigan, Ryan’s passion for food emerged in late 2008, when he transformed his fast food addiction into clean eating and was forced to branch out of his comfort zone. From there, he began to experience a whole new culinary world. Out of the dust, he also emerged with a passion for local craft beer and Kentucky Bourbon. Check out some of his favorites below. 

Cooking has become a passion of his over the past 10+ years, although he hates following recipes. In 2017, he entered a 48-person chili cook-off at Blake’s Cider Mill on a whim. He ended up winning Best in Category (2-legged) and Best Overall. He hasn’t cooked chili since. Now that he has found Caroline, cooking as a couple has become a regular occurrence and creating delicious Asian food has been added to his cooking repertoire. It’s their dream to master the “art of the dumpling” and one day open a dumpling shop of their own.  

When he is not traveling for work or thinking about food, he is probably honing his skills on the volleyball court, softball diamond or golf course–none of which he is particularly good at. A wanderlust at heart, he prefers hostels over hotels, hates touristy places with a passion and will stop at every coffee shop he finds along the way. 

You can follow his regular adventures as Detroit_Noodle_Ninja on Instagram


Bourbon: Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selection OBSQ

Cocktail (at home): Rittenhouse Rye Black Manhattan
Cocktail (bar): Benton’s Old Fashioned (Standby)
Craft Beer: Boss Tweed (Old Nation)
Brewery: Urbanrest Brewing Company (Ferndale)