Peanut Butter: The Problem Solver

I just want to travel

Get paid for doing something I love

Be around genuine people

And find new ways to love the same man, over and over…

A modern-day polymath, Caroline (or C-line, as her close friends call her) has always found passion in everything she does. Born and raised in Southern California, Caroline lived a humble and cultured upbringing, having also lived in over 10 cities and attended 12 different schools, both all over the US and internationally. Throughout her life, she has always had a healthy diet, but her real food journey began right after college. There she became passionate for wines and scotch whiskey, eventually evolving to fine dining. However, she noticed that she still longed for the food she grew up with: Mom and Lola’s homemade Filipino cooking, and $1 soft serve ice cream cones. You will find her frequenting many Asian/Filipino restaurants and ice cream shops (and quite frequently dragging Ryan along with her), in addition to finding the best eats in town!

Although she loves to discover new eats, every now and then she will come back to her roots and cook comforting Filipino food. One of her favorite dishes to this day is Spamsilog (fried spam, fried egg, and fried rice) and kare-kare (oxtail in peanut butter sauce).
Outside of food and during her spare time (whenever that is), Caroline is a passionate traveler, which allowed her to pursue semi-professional careers as a violinist, lingerie model, volleyball player, and volleyball coach. In addition, she enjoys playing poker, hosting events/parties, pole dancing, video games (Smash Brothers and Zelda are her faves!), and watching anime and food shows. She has always had a scholarly yet creative mind: her primary background is in Astrophysics and Aerospace Engineering. She is frequently dubbed “Resident Rocket Scientist” by her friends and colleagues and still stays up-to-date on scientific research by listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson on Star Talk. Every so often she needs a break from the technical by dabbling in business and investing.

You can follow her regular adventures as That Pomona Girl on her individual pages: